Activity profile

We offer services in the production of flexible packaging: labels, monofilms, duplex and triplex laminates in flexographic printing technology, with  solvent or solventless lamination.

The manufacturing operations of Pro–Flex S.A. are subdivided into the following technological departments:

Forme Department and Pre–Press Studio

Pro–Flex S.A. has its own studio that processes electronic materials received from the customer. It applies modern technological solutions, such as raster image processing and proofing, when preparing formes, their electronic processing, and plate processing (CTP technology, modern equipment for the processing of photo–polymer plates).

Ink Department

Pro–Flex S.A. has one of the most modern systems of mixing inks for flexographic printing. It collaborates with the market leader in the supply of inks, varnishes, and additives.The ink mixing system uses an Inkmaker Dispensing System P32, InkFormulation software creates ink formulae, while a spectrophotometer, a colour measuring device, guarantees high quality and complete repeatability of mixed printing ink colors. 

Colour Management

The activities undertaken within Colour Management encompass the whole production process, starting with the graphic design and finishing with the final print. The colour management procedures include:

  • creating colour profiles of printing machines
  • proofing
  • colour assessment
  • creating ink formulae –InkFormulaton
  • controlling colour consistency—Colour Quality

Colour Quality involves using advanced software to control colour. Colours are analyzed and compared against a set pattern, resulting in an automatic information about consistency with the pattern and meeting the quality criteria of a client. It also guarantees repeatability and a uniform colour scheme in the whole batch.

We have W&H Easy Col, the latest systems of colour selection, which is integrated with the printing machine. It allows for shorter times and less waste when using the machine.

Flexographic Printing Department

We use high quality materials and we own three German Windmöller & Höllscher machines, two modern Miraflex 8AM machines and one Soloflex 8L, which means that Pro–flex S.A. meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers and guarantees the highest quality of printing.

Miraflex 8AM, modern printing machines, allow for covering with print all kinds of packaging materials keeping high quality parameters. The modern systems installed accelerate and substantially improve the possibility of settings. They also maintain their stability and the stability of parameters of print during production. The high quality of production and the stability of technical parameters ensure that we are able to complete orders for even the most demanding customers, who possess modern packaging lines. Insetter , matte varnish, paper touch (paper imitation), synchronous printing 8+8 colours.

In our Flexograhic Printing Department we also use a precise device for mounting printing formes, produced by JM Heaford, Flexologic as well as a modern anilox cleaner for washing ceramic rolls produced by Flexo Wash. In 2011 we were one of the first companies to start HD printing with 150 lpi line count in Kodak NX technology.

Laminating Department

Pro–Flex S.A. has at its disposal a modern machine park facilitating the application of the most up–to–date solvent and solventless laminating technology, using a wide variety of combined materials. Nordmeccanica Laminating machines (Nordmeccanica being the market leader)—Super Combi 4000 and Super Simplex.

Drying time is adjusted to the packaged product, structure of the product and adhesive mix used.

Cutting and Sorting Department

Modern cutting machines make very quick cutting of printed and laminated packaging materials possible while maintaining high packing standards. 

Printing technology

We have an unrivalled experience in printing projects in High Definition. Owing to the use of specialized anilex ceramic rolls with a high line count, as well as a digital preparation in Flexcel NX technology, produced by KODAK, we offer a print with 175 lpi linescreen (tonal range of ΔD>1,70, the smallest reproducible point on the print of 8% )

We have at our disposal state-of-the-art slitting machines which allow for using 70mm-diameter, 76mm- diameter, 152mm-diameter cores, max reel length being 800mm. We can also slit paper as we use rotary cutters and equipment for automatic pushing and collecting of heavy reels.

Technological Abilities of Print

We have at our disposal the following printing options:

  • obtaining print with selective varnishing --gloss/matte effect
  • obtaining print with selective varnishing –paper imitation, which is hard to distinguish from real paper
  • obtaining print with selective varnishing—gold or silver mirror effect, which is achieved with the use of super silver ink

Quality Control Laboratory

Pro–Flex S.A. guarantees its customers not only the high quality of manufactured products, but primarily the hygienic safety in its broadest sense. We can guarantee that the manufactured packaging contains no substances that are harmful or hazardous to human life or health, or to the environment.

Laboratory equipment

The control of quality parameters of materials, semi-finished products and finished products is effected with the use of:

  • Gas chromatograph produced by Perkin Elmer—Clarus 580—used primarily to monitor solvents in the wake of the printing process (the main impact of too large a quantity of solvents involves the barrier qualities of the packaging, which is tied to the penetration of substances into the product as well as sensory–related changes in the product),
  • Strength testing machine produced by Zwick—used to control the strength of delamination of the produced specimen blanking laminates—tools facilitating both blanking specimen for grammage testing and the delamination strength.
  • Barcode checker produced by Integra—allows verifying printed barcodes for conformity with norms in force as well as clients’ specifications
  • Electronic micrometer—allowing for a very precise gage of materials and products
  • Thermal chamber
  • Laboratory scales
  • Laboratory heat sealer

All printing samples subject to physical testing are also inspected visually on a specially adapted light table and with normalized light corresponding to day light.

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