Care for the natural environment

Care and responsibility for the natural environment have been important to us from the moment Pro–Flex S.A was founded. Starting with the construction phase, we chose appropriate furnishings and fixtures which met important ecological parameters. In our everyday activities we take care of energy-saving lighting, proper waste sorting, reasonable management of water, electrical and thermal energy, as well as raw materials used in production.

According to the Assessment of the Environmental Impact we have developed, when planning investment and modernization, we pay particular attention to their impact on the natural environment and we introduce solutions reducing it. We take into consideration our neighbours' expectations as harmonious and respectful cohabitation with them is important to us. Given the above, we have placed particular emphasis on the reduction of noise and volatile organic compounds.



Neutralizing post-process gases

Compatible with our machines, 3-chamber Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer neutralizes post-process gases. When choosing the neutralisation method for volatile organic compounds (solvents), we took into consideration the profile of our production. It includes mostly packaging for the food industry, where low content of retained solvents is particularly important. Hence the decision to choose a reliable reduction system, which is used all over the world. Its main advantage is

combustion which takes place in temperatures between 800 and 1000°C. In such temperatures VOC react with oxygen, resulting in carbon dioxide and steam as end products. These are harmless and odourless gases.

Due to the reduction system it is possible to ensure  very low exit gases concentration, with the permitted emission of VOC 100mg/m3. It is worth knowing that we also possess a heat retention system. Heated, clean air from the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is used by the heat exchanger to heat air in the production hall, which allows considerable reduction of gas usage and, consequently, CO2 emission.



Reduction of noise

The Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer fitted outside was additionally equipped in acoustic screens for ventilators. The whole insulation of inner lines of the system has been specifically chosen to guarantee noise level <45dB (A) at a 10-meter distance from the installation at night time.

The equipment, jointly with the ventilation unit, has been screened off by a 7-meter-high acoustic screen. It comprises acoustic panels with the sound absorption indicator of 13 dB and airborne sound insulation indicator of 26dB.

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