Integrated Management Policy

We take seriously the task of meeting your requirements at all levels of cooperation, at the same time ensuring the hygienic safety of the produced packaging and packaging materials. We rely on the Integrated Management Policy for company management, planning and control of our activities. 

We aim at perfection and this translates into every single measure we take in our work. We follow this policy by:

  • perfecting Integrated Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 norms, as well as BRC Global Standard for Packaging Materials Issue 6.
  • conducting business operations in compliance with the binding law provisions and other requirements, in particular, regulations concerning food packaging, and doing so in supervised hygienic conditions which are safe for lives and health of consumers
  • consciously engaging all employees in the process of servicing and timely handling of customers' orders,
  • proper assessment and qualification of suppliers upon consideration of their technical and hygienic standards, in relation to the risks involved during cooperation
  • promoting and maintaining an adequate technical and hygienic standard for both external and internal infrastructure,
  • maintaining good manufacturing and hygienic practice in manufacturing packaging, with an emphasis on direct food contact packages,
  • recurrent employee training courses and awareness-raising programmes regarding their responsibilities and their roles in the Integrated Management System.

The management board of the company undertakes to provide resources necessary to meet these set targets. We are convinced that further sustainable development of the company, which also satisfies the needs of our shareholders, will make us an economic and social success. 

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